About Us

Wizard WandZ Manufacturing was created in 2005 by Ed Magic.  At the time Ed Magic was living in Las Vegas and often wanted custom props for his shows.  At that time he found it difficult to find exactly what he wanted right off the shelf.  Frequently he was upgrading, modifying and inventing from the ground up.  Eventually in 2005 he decided to start sharing his work with other magical performers and Wizard WandZ Manufacturing was created.  We pulled the site down for awhile to make some decisions.  Our products were still going out to magic shops all over the world, only customers could not buy them from us directly.  So in summer 2017 we've decided to open up the new shopping cart and bring our magic directly to our customers once again.  We hope you enjoy our old products and look forward to sharing our new creations with you.  We will also be carrying other manufacturers products as we decide what will fit in with our customer base.  Thank you and have fun shopping on our new site!